Welcome To The Power-Up Fitness Education Program!! 

     I often explain to my clients that the more education they receive about their fitness programming the more likely they will stick to it as well as reduce their potential of injury. For example, rather than simply teach them an exercise technique I will follow up with educating them on the benefits when performed correctly as well as the potential risks associated when performed incorrectly. After years of doing this I have decided to integrate the following Continuing Education Program I created a few years ago  specifically for Fitness and Rehabilitation Specialists directly into my client education program. After all, as the old saying goes, "Knowledge is Power".

     If you are interested in taking the complete program (including downloadable forms, companion guidebook, etc. as well as receive a "Certificate of Completion" please click here: Optimum Fitness Systems​. I am now providing this program for FREE!!  

Phase 1. Corrective Exercise Training

Phase 3. Integrated Strength Training

Phase 2. Integrated Stabilization Training

Phase 4. Integrated Power Training

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