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​​                                                            PowerFit  

"Train Like An Athlete!"
    For those interested in improving speed, agility, reaction, strength, endurance, power, and performance all while burning fat and getting lean this is the class for you. Performed in a circuit fashion, our PowerFit Program takes training to a whole new level. Sure pushing heavy weights can help you become powerful, yet to achieve your optimal level of health and performance its best to become PowerFit

Schedule: This is a 8 week program that is held from 5:45-6:45 PM Wednesday Nights

Fee: $75  

 This program is based on Strength and Power Training. It is imperative that all participants obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities on Olympic Lift Techniques and “The Big 5” (Pushing, Pulling, Pressing, Squatting, Dead Lifting). Teaching these exercise techniques will require a more “hands-on” approach.